Delfar Elevator Co., Ltd.
Delfar Elevator is a specialized elevator manufacturer.

China Professional Elevator Factory, Customized Elevators for You

Delfar designs and manufactures an extensive range of custom elevators to accommodate virtually any size, capacity, opening, and configuration requirement. 
Design a delfar custom elevators or escalators to your taste and preferences.
Whether you want it to blend in with the existing décor or to stand out for all the right reasons, you can personalize your elevator or escalators.
For your elevator, you may choose just the right wood, acrylic panel or metal, choose right color for elevator car, or add glass to your elevator panels. You might wish to add a mosaic tile, rug, or lovely polished wood to the floor of your elevator. 

There Are Many Types of Customized Elevators & Lifts

We will provide a variety of custom elevators including custom residential elevators and lift, custom home elevators and lifts, etc.