Delfar Elevator Co., Ltd.
Delfar Elevator is a specialized elevator manufacturer.

Modern Escalator Manufacturer, Convenient & Luxurious

Discover excellence in escalators with Delfar, a premier industry leader renowned for unparalleled quality and performance. As both an escalator and escalator parts supplier, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to various settings, from shopping malls to outdoor environments. Whether you require a smart escalator, wheelchair-accessible model, or cutting-edge design like parallel or crisis-cross configurations, Delfar delivers. Experience innovation and reliability in every ascent – send us your inquiries today.

Choose Your Escalator and Get ahead of the Competition

The perfect configuration greatly increases the running efficiency
*Truss adopts superior unique structure, high intensity, thorough anti-rusting treatment, fine effect, long life.
*Advanced international manufacture craft, final assembly tooling ensure accurate stairway.
*Super strong CPU main-board computer control executes real-time monitor to running conditions.  If it finds any abnormal condition, it automatically stops it, promptly and automatically records it and shows error code.
Delight in the beauty of precision architecture with Delfar
Attraction of precision structure
High intensity metal structure composes precision sizes.  Super-consciousness aesthetics design perfectly combines with the building.
Charm of deluxe manner
Reinforced glass wainscot, superior & deluxe decoration.
Effective, secure & attractive
Trouble display can accurately analyze running condition and show it in screen.  
Attraction of high-tech induction
Automatic start / stop device is located near floor board.  It installs automatic induction sensor.