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A few questions to help you understand the moving walkway

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1. What is the moving walkway?

A moving walk is also known as an auto walkway. It’s one type of belt which rolling straight and it transfer people, luggage from one place to another place. It’s a walking surface that transports people horizontally. They are powered by motors, typically standard escalator drive systems. The main purpose of an escalator is to move people from one place to another place. There are several places like airports, hotels, a shopping malls where companies want to install such moving walkways. Its standard mode of transportation and very attractive look. In moving walks the speed is slow but very smooth. It does not include any noise.


It is operated by a motor and it transport horizontally. It has a standard escalator-type drive system. The step runs within the track. There are several airports where you will find a moving walkway. You can easily cover long-distance places within few seconds. If you want to go from one place to another place, you can easily reach using a moving walkway.

2. What is the history of moving walkway?

The main purpose of moving walkways to transport people and luggage indoor and it has an adjustable speed and it will move within that speed. As per passenger volume, the speed of the walkways can be increase or decrease. The length of the moving walkways depends on the organization, their budget, space, and other essential factors. This type of moving walkways connect with the motor drive chain on the track and with the power, it will run. You can adjust the speed of the moving walkway always. Choose the best moving walkways installer or manufacturing and ask for the quote.


Several manufacturing companies offer moving walkways and elevator solutions. You have to choose the best solution as per your need and requirement. You can choose a design, specify the length and where it needs to be install. A reputed company always measure your company requirement, understand everything properly and they will provide a solution as per your company need. Moving walkways increase your proper value and it will also improve the standard of the place. Many large and top hotels, shopping malls, and airports already install such moving walkways.

3. What is the application of moving walkway?

The main purpose of the moving walk is it transfer passengers and heavy luggage from one place to another. It's situated between the floor and it move always straight. Especially in the airport, where people travel with luggage. Sometimes, they need to move from one terminal to another terminal to get the flight. During this moving time, they need to move their luggage also. So, during the walk, they have to cover many areas to get to the desired terminal so, during this time side moving walkway plays an important role. You can easily cover some areas using this moving walkway.


It helps passengers to move easily with their luggage from one place to another place. It is run straight within the floor. Using this moving walkway, you don’t need to walk, only stay within it and it will run automatically. It saves both your time and energy. Another benefit is, you can adjust speed and it can stop anytime because it has an emergency stop bottom. Maintenance of such walkways is very important as it is an electrical product, maintenance needs to do properly. Proper maintenance helps to run this moving walkway fast. Check any type of moving walkway design online or ask companies to provide the best design. 

4. What are the types of moving walkway?

1) Belt type moving walkway


The belt type of moving walkway is one of the high demanding moving walkway types! It includes a conveyor belt that runs the motor and the moving walkway will run smoothly. You can get inclined moving walk belt types or flat moving walkway belt types. The purpose of both types of moving walkways is the same to transport luggage and people from one place to another place. There are several departmental stores and airports where companies already install this advanced mode of passenger transport. It increases the luxuries and it will increase the property value as well.

Several giant companies within the world offer this exclusive service. This is a costly process but it will also increase luxury and increase property value. Presently, people love to visit the polished place, luxury ambiance, and sophisticated environment. The more you will increase modern amenities in your service, the more people will love to visit your place always. Whether you are a hotel owner or airport owner or shopping mall owner, installing belt type moving walk is always the best option.

2) Pallet type moving walkway


Pallet type moving walkway is another type of moving walkway which is a slow conveyor that transports people across inclined or horizontal plane within a short or medium distance. The moving walkway can be used by walking or standing on them. A pallet type is a continuous series of flat metal plates that join together to form a walkway. It is also an effective identical escalator in their construction. Most of the pallet type moving walkway has metal surface though some models have a rubber surface as well. Choose a reputed manufacturing company who provides the best quality moving walkways always. Grab the best deal now!

3) Glidepath Glidewalk moving walkway


This is another type of moving walk which includes segment. This type of moving walk includes a wheel that keeps them on track. And it will rotate as well. This type of moving walk is completely flat and awesome. This type of moving walk is costly and you need proper maintenance for moving walks. Several companies offer Glidepath Glidewalk moving walkways. You can install it anywhere you need. Choose any type as per your business requirement and use it. Find the best deal online and then proceed.

4) High-speed moving walkways

High-speed moving walkways always have high demand in the market. Some specific reputed companies in the world offer high-speed moving walkways. The main feature is, you can control the speed of moving walkways always using moving walkways, people and luggage can be transported from one place to another place easily. Using state of the art technology, companies produced the latest moving walks with high speed but this is a completely safe mode for transport. This type of moving walkways is perfect for sports, complexes, and commercial buildings. A reputed company always offers stylish design, elegant look, and modern design which makes moving walkways perfect.

If you will choose a reputed company for manufacturing and installing moving walkways, based on your area, space and budget, they will suggest the best moving walkways always. Choose a reputed company always because they will offer top quality products which last long. They will also offer a safe riding experience and provide all the safety measures you need for moving walkways. Use this type of moving walkways in the airport, subways shopping complex, etc. A reputed company always offer energy-efficient product which last long and they will also provide strong customer care service as well before installation and after installation.

5. What is the cost of moving walkway?

Moving walkways are a luxury mode of transport. Using moving walkways several sectors implement moving walkways like malls, airports, offices, hotels, etc. If any company wants to cover their flat distance shortly, then moving the walkway is the best option. The cost of moving walkways is always high because it's luxury products and machinery part and machine products are always a high price. Using modern technologies many countries already obtain this moving walkway. If you want to implement moving walkways in your place, then before that you have to choose a reputed company and ask for a quote. Moving walkway is a luxury product that needs more investment. 


You cant estimate the accurate budget for installing a moving walkway but you can take quotes from a different reputed company or discuss with them to know about the price details. If you want to install a moving walk in an airport, then you may need to invest more than $1.1 million to build it. And for maintenance, you have to pay per year $1,00,000 approx. The budget can be increase or decrease as per your need, space, and types of moving walkways. Once you install it, you will get many benefits. It will increase the property value and make your moving walk outstanding. People will love to use it because it has a smooth walking experience or you can stand as well. Before start, it's essential to know moving walkway cost details. 

6. Where to purchase the moving walkway?

Several reputed companies in the world have strong experienced in moving walkways, elevator, and escalator world. You have to choose a reputed company from them. First, you need to check through online companies that offer advanced technology and the best designing service on moving walkways. After that, send them details about your project and ask for a quote. Once you get the quote, compare and check which one is the best. Always check company reputation, their work portfolio, their service, maintenance details, and existing client details, and then proceed. It will be better always to choose a reputed company who already provide their service worldwide. Apart from that, also check the price details, your budget, and other essential factors like customer care, backup support details, etc.

7. Summary

There are several manufacturing companies available worldwide that offer maintenance and retrofit service package within their quote. There are several prominent manufacturers available worldwide like Otis, kone, Schindler, and Thyssenkrupp companies and many more who offer energy efficient moving walk service. You have to check and select the best company as per your location, need, and budget. You can offer your design which company can modify and produce best designing moving walkways for your place. Whether you want to install it in the airport, shopping mall, or any hotel, this is perfect for customer support.

It helps to move people from one place to another place within a floor. It can be a wave or flat system and it has motor and belt and using advanced technology it will run. This is a highly energy-efficient product and the design of the product is also awesome. It can carry any type of load but it has a maximum range. The feature includes a speed control system, energy-efficient, and overload indication, and emergency stop button. So, once you install this you don’t need to worry about anything. Several countries already implemented this technology of moving walkways but several other countries need to implement this strategy to increase the standard of living.

Contact a reputed manufacturer and ask for a quote for your project.

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