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Delfar Participate in 16th International Asansör İstanbul and win great success

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    Delfar Participate in 16th International Asansör İstanbul and win great success

    16th International Asansör İstanbul in 2019 was held at Tüyap, İstanbul from 21st – 24th March successfully. The Exhibition has been successfully held for 16 sessions. As one of the largest lift exhibitions in the world, the exhibition has a considerable influence in global elevator industry, not only covers the Turkish mainland, but also is an important display window for the elevator market in the Middle East, Africa and the Black Sea coast. Delfar was invited to participate in the industry event and presented to the Turkish exhibition in a professional manner. Our sincere attitude and excellent quality touched all customers, deepening strategic mutual trust between the existing customers, increasing its influence in the Eurasian market, laying a certain foundation for Delfar’s new stage of development.

    16th International Asansör İstanbul, hosted by IFO, which is Top 3 exhibition companies in Turkey with 39-year-exhibition experience. A total of 400 exhibitors participated in the exhibition with an area of 25,000 square meters. The exhibits are rich, covering a series of related industries, such as escalator ladders, escalator parts, parking equipment, new technology products, etc., attracting more than 30,000 professional buyers and industry elites to the exhibition site. There were14 halls in Tüyap. Delfar Elevator located at the C-44 of Hall 7, showcased our high-quality products with exquisite design and high quality, which has created a good corporate image and has a wide and positive impact at home and abroad. It opened a new chapter for the company to expand international trade.

    Delfar attracted more than 300 visitors during the exhibition with enthusiastic attitude and professional answers. They came from various countries, some from Turkey, some from India, some from Syria, some from Iraq, Iran and other countries. The exhibition was extremely busy because of these professional buyers and elevator installers.In addition, many existing customers visited us, which greatly deepened the mutual cooperation and feelings. On the third day of the exhibition, Delfar also received an interview from a TV reporter, expressing the intuitive feeling of the exhibition and appreciation of the organizing committee, expressing the trust and gratitude to the visiting customers. See Figure 3.

    Through this exhibition, our company has gained a lot of benefits, broadened its horizons, opened up new ideas for business, and further enhanced the brand awareness and influence of the company’s brand in the Eurasian international market. Delfar will continue to uphold the core values of integrity, dedication, innovation and teamwork, go hand in hand, create greater glories, and look forward to the next appearance of Delfar Elevator.

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