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Delfar Participate in Russia Elevator Week 2019 and win great success

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Delfar Participate in Russia Elevator Week 2019 and win great success

On June 26-28, 2019, the 8th Russian Elevator Week (2019) was successfully held at the VDNKH EXPO exhibition hall No. 75. So far, the exhibition has become the largest and most influential professional exhibition in the elevator industry in Russia. The exhibition's exhibits include traction machines, call and operating systems, control equipment systems, elevator related materials, elevator design, elevator tools, lifting equipment and professional training certification. Delfar, as a complete elevator and escalator manufacturer, was invited to participate in the Russian elevator week.

The last Russian International Elevator Exhibition attracted more than 200 exhibiting companies from 20 different countries and regions, as well as more than 6,000 professional visitors. The number of exhibitors this year reached a new high, and the scene of the exhibition was extremely lively. The customers who visited our company booth mainly came from Russia, and some are from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Delfar participated in the Russian festival of the elevator industry, with a well-decorated booth, detailed and exquisite materials, sincere and patient attitude, showing the company's excellent comprehensive strength. The Delfar people enthusiastically moved forward to introduce the quality products and the completed projects to each visitor. The two sides reached a friendly consensus and look forward to more in-depth cooperation.

At this event, our company not only cultivated feelings with new customers, but also deepened friendship with old customers. We appreciate that the old customers came to our booth many times, communicated with our company, discussed the development trend of the elevator industry, analyzed the current market situation, and the conversation atmosphere was harmonious. The existing and new customers who are actively consulting with us are introduced to our company, and the words reveal satisfaction and reassurance.

Through this exhibition, our company has gained a lot of benefits, broadened its horizons, opened up new ideas for business, and further enhanced the brand awareness and influence of the company's brand in the Eurasian international market. Delfa will continue to uphold the core values of integrity, dedication, innovation and teamwork, go hand in hand, create greater glories, and look forward to the next appearance of Delfa Elevator.

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