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Delfar Elevator is a specialized elevator manufacturer.

China's Travelator Industry Leader

As a leading travelator manufacturer in China, Delfar always regards safe and effective with free operation as its goal. Delfar's travelator can not only meet the second problem of large flow of people, but also can meet long-distance walking and the transportation of luggage, shopping carts, strollers, etc., which greatly facilitates the travel of people's names. Therefore, Delfar's travelator has become a large supermarket , Airport, the first choice for transportation transfer stations.
Delfar can provide you with a travelator with leading technology, and in order to meet the needs of a variety of scenarios, we can provide an inclined travelator, an escalator travelator, an outdoor travelator, so that you can choose a better quality travelator at a lower price.
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As a leading escalator and travelator company, we provide travelator solutions for commercial, industrial and public transport applications