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What is a moving walkway and escalator?

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The escalator is mainly composed of steps and handrails on both sides. Its main components include steps, traction chains, and sprockets, guide rail systems, main transmission systems (including motors, deceleration devices, brakes, and intermediate transmission links, etc.), drive spindles, ladder road tensioning devices, handrail systems, comb boards, and escalator frames And electrical systems. The steps move horizontally at the passenger entrance (for passengers to board the stairs), and then gradually form steps; when approaching the exit, the steps gradually disappear, and the steps move horizontally again. These movements are realized by the main and auxiliary wheels walking along different step guide rails respectively. The escalator is used to incline up or down the fixed electric drive equipment to transport passengers between different floors of the building. A continuous conveying machine that carries people up and down.


A moving walkway refers to a fixed electric drive device with a circular running walkway that is used to transport passengers at a horizontal or inclined angle of no more than 12°. It is suitable for places where people are concentrated such as stations, docks, shopping malls, airports, exhibition halls, and stadiums. The structure of the moving sidewalk is similar to that of an escalator, and it is mainly composed of two parts: movable pavement and handrails. Generally, the movable road surface does not form a step shape even when it is inclined.


How to choose the best one?


Whether you need an escalator or moving walk as per that, you have to choose the best manufacturer. If you have long flat surfaces, then you should install a moving walk. Most of the airports currently, installing this machine for their passengers. They prefer it because it helps to move with your language smoothly. Its time consuming and it also has a luxurious touch and looks as well. If you have multi-store buildings like hotels, offices, or any other and want to move products or human beings from top to bottom and bottom to top, then you need to install an escalator.


Why choose us?


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