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Delfar Elevator is a specialized elevator manufacturer.
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Delfar-Professional Accessible Elevators Manufacturer

✮ Considerate ride experience for the disabled - accessible elevators provide a humanized and considerate design that avoids accidents.
✮ Complete safety equipment means safe and efficient operation - eliminating the risk of safety accidents.
✮ Customizable to meet special needs such as handrails and buttons - every elevator is made to suit your unique needs.
✮ Dependable after-sales service from professional team - avail after-sale support that will leave you worry free
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Provide One-Stop Service for Your Accessible Elevator Solutions

Delfar is a professional enterprise engaged in elevator production. We are committed to providing one-stop handicap accessible elevator solutions to customers around the world. From on-site exploration, design drawings, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, after-sales, etc., we provide one-stop service. In addition to barrier-free elevators, we also provide luxury home elevators, passenger elevators, and escalators. In Delfar, you will find the elevator products that suit you.