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Delfar Elevator is a specialized elevator manufacturer.

China's Leading Private House Elevator Manufacturer

As the leading manufacturer of China's private residence elevator industry, Delfar provides you with safe, stable and easy-to-operate private home elevators. Delfar private elevator adopts vvvf variable-frequency variable-voltage speed regulation technology, intelligent and accurate data, can accelerate and decelerate gently, and improve riding comfort based on human sensory response. In addition, the delfar private residence elevator main engine is a new generation of rare earth permanent magnet synchronous gearless main engine, which is 70% smaller than the traditional main engine, which improves operation efficiency and saves energy consumption and effectively reduces maintenance costs.

Looking for a high-quality private house elevator that fits your house style and is full of user-friendly design? Send us your drawings or questions, and delfar will bring you a different private elevator and exclusive customized service experience.
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Delfar private residence elevator allows you to experience a new smart home life