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Custom Home Elevator

Custom home elevators are a luxurious addition to any residence, offering both convenience and style. These elevators can be tailored to suit the specific design and needs of a home, providing seamless integration with the existing decor. Whether you prefer a sleek modern look or a more traditional aesthetic, custom home elevators can be customized with various finishes, materials, and features to complement your home perfectly. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, these elevators also offer practical benefits such as improved accessibility for those with mobility challenges or simply making it easier to move items between floors. Investing in a custom home elevator not only adds value to your property but also enhances the overall functionality and appeal of your living space.​​​​​​​
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Series of Home Elevator

SMR (Suspended Movable Roped) and MRL (Machine Room-Less) are two common types of home elevators that offer convenience and accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges. We provide both two types of elevators which can provide reliable vertical transportation within homes while prioritizing safety and efficiency.
SMR Home Elevator
Delfar applies the leading permanent magnet synchronous technology in the elevator industry with energy-saving and environment protection, and outstanding drive properties.
Save 30% of the area
The area of the machine room is consistent with that of the shaft. Effectively save machine room’s area.
The starting current of the main engine is samll, the transmission is efficient and energy saving, the cost of the elevator is decreased for daily use.
Simple maintenance
Change the traditional machine room’s fixed mode, update flexibly, replace easily.
MRL Home Elevator
Delfar MRL elevator is low energy consumption-based. It fully considers building space’s utilization rate and cost. As a passenger elevator manufacturer,Delfar use compact layout and flexible design style and cleverly integrating all kinds of buildings.It is the first choice for modern individualized buildings.