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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Home Elevator?

Buying an elevator for your home starts with knowing what options are available. 
- What type of elevator do you want? 
- How big is your building space? 
- How many floors are the elevators running on? 
- What is your budget? 
Below, you'll find some of the biggest factors that affect the overall price of a home elevator.

Factors Affecting the Price of Home Elevators

Every home (and homeowner) is different, and on average, a home elevator can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000, and the cost of a home elevator will vary based on their unique needs.

Home elevator floors

Generally speaking, the more floors there are in a home elevator, the higher the price of the elevator. Under the same brand and configuration conditions, the price of a four-story home elevator is higher than that of a three-story home elevator.

Home elevator configuration

The same brand configuration, size, load capacity, lifting height, etc. are different, and the price also has a certain gap. The smaller the elevator, the more difficult it is to install, and the higher the technical requirements for installation.

Home elevator drive mode

At present, home elevators mainly include traction, hydraulic and spiral home elevators. There are three different driving methods, and the prices of the elevators are also different.

Home elevator brand

Different brands of elevators have different prices. 
The price gap between top international elevator brands and domestic elevator brands is very large. 
As one of the leading elevator brands in China, DELFAR has the best elevator quality, but the price is far lower than the world famous elevator brands.
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