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✮ Professional design, suitable for office environment. There are various designs to choose from.
✮ Safe and efficient, the sophisticated design brings elegance and style to the building.
✮ Meet the needs of every passenger and provide a user-friendly experience that is hassle-free.
✮ Dedicated to helping you design for your custom environment. Provide users with more available space and their workspace needs.
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One-stop Service for Your Office Elevator

In order to meet the needs of different buildings and customers, we provide you with various styles and specifications of office elevators. You can choose a suitable office elevator according to conditions such as building space and style. In addition to office elevators, we also offer home elevators, observation elevators and escalators. Click below to view the latest office elevator products.

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Why Choose Delfar Office Elevator?

As one of the leading office elevator manufacturers and suppliers in China, Delfar can meet the different needs of customers. We have the ability to provide modern, safe and comfortable office elevators for global customers. Additionally, by partnering with Delfar, we are able to offer you the following benefits and guarantees.

Modern factory manufacturing

With our modern manufacturing services, we lower your costs and give you access to technologically advanced elevators. The workshop adopts 6S management and is equipped with multiple automated production machines, which greatly saves production time and improves labor efficiency.

Sufficient spare parts reserve

We have plenty of spare parts, and we have specially prepared spare parts warehouses, so that various types of parts can be placed in an orderly manner. If the customer needs the parts, our company can send them to the customer immediately, in the elevator customization selection, the customer can also have multiple choice of accessories.

Professional service

From pre-sales to elevator installation, to after-sales maintenance, Delfar provides the most thoughtful and meticulous service throughout the process. We do our best to make our service better, if you have any questions, welcome to contact our support team, they will provide the best service.

Quality assurance

We have a dedicated quality control department to ensure the quality of the elevators we provide, in order to ensure the matching of the elevators, the traction machine and the control system will test the performance together, and each cabin will be tested before shipment, which reduces the need for installation cause problems.

Delfar - One of Your Reliable Office Elevator Suppliers in China

  • Delfar was established in 2011, over the years, we have become one of the most reliable office elevator experts in China by virtue of our excellent technical advantages and the integration of elevator manufacturing technology. We have well-trained engineering and technical personnel and wholeheartedly provide customers with perfect elevator services according to fixed working standards. We can design and produce office elevators of various types and sizes to meet the diverse needs of customers. As a leading office elevator in China As one of the manufacturers, we assure you that we will provide the most suitable elevator for your office building. Contact us today and make your office more convenient with Delfar!

Perfect Service System to Provide You with Quality Office Elevator Service

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Q Will home elevators add value?

    A The answer is of course it will add value. According to statistics, adding a home elevator can add more than 10% to your property. Of course, if you decide to sell your home, you can certainly add to the cost of installing an elevator as a great way to recoup the money you spent. If you are planning to install a home elevator, Delfar is the perfect choice for you.
  • Q Which type of home elevator is the most affordable?

    A Machine room-less (MRL) elevators are the most affordable in comparison, saving space and being more affordable. And machine room-less multi-function elevators are available in various models and sizes. Contact DELFAR for a quote for more room-less elevators.
  • Q How much is a 2-story elevator?

    A About $30,000. A traditional residential elevator serving two floors would cost about $30,000, and $10,000 for each additional floor thereafter. This is the average price for standard equipment. Prices may vary if customization is required. But buy a second-story staircase at DELFAR for nearly half the price, and it has good quality.
  • Q Can you do customized product?

    A Yes. We can produce customized elevators and escalators as per customers’ requests or pictures.
  • Q What is the delivery date for your product?

    A Usually 30 days for production since the date that we get your confirmed drawing, contract and payment.
  • Q What is the warranty time for your product?

    A 12 months since the date we doing container loading in our factory.

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