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Delfar Elevator is a specialized elevator manufacturer.

Delfar-China's Excellent Manufacturer of Parallel Escalators

Delfar has been deeply researching and manufacturing parallel escalators since its establishment. Delfar provides you with parallel escalators in batches. Our parallel escalator incorporates a humanized design concept to bring you a smooth and comfortable running experience. We provide parallel escalators of various specifications and designs, which can be selected or customized according to your needs. Parallel escalators have a very wide range of applications, which can effectively solve the transportation pressure of people and passengers. The Delfar parallel escalator produced by advanced technology is your best choice.
Delfar parallel escalator inherits innovation and has excellent quality. Are you looking for the right parallel escalator for your business? At Delfar, we can provide you with a complete solution, send us your inquiry information as soon as possible.
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Provide One-Stop Service for Your Parallel Escalators

Abundant products help customers make the right and appropriate choices. So far, the Delfar factory has produced and developed a variety of styles and specifications of parallel escalators for customers to choose. Delfar is committed to providing you with one-stop parallel escalator solutions and services.