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Convenient Window Type Dumbwaiter Elevator

Do you want to deliver food and documents faster? Do you need a small elevator that is convenient and light? Do you want to own a cheap and practical small dumbwaiter elevator?
Come,our small dumbwaiter elevator is ready for you!
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Product Description

Product description:

Dumbwaiter elevators, also known as food elevators, food elevators, dining elevators or multi-purpose dumbwaiter elevators, it’s used to transport some portable books, documents, food, etc., but people are not allowed to enter the car and are controlled by buttons outside the door.


Our dumbwaiter elevator has the characteristics of small size, complete functions, stable delivery and low price. It is widely used in the transportation of food in restaurants and canteens and transportation of sundries such as factories and libraries.

According to the working mode, it is divided into window type and floor type. Its speed ranges from 0.4 meters to 1.0 meters and the load capacity is 100 kg to 300 kg,it can meet different meet of people.


Product description

Ceiling: Without

Car wall:Hairline

Car door: Hairline

Floor: Hairline

Door opening type:Up and down manual bi-parting floor type

Illumination: LED light

C.O.P: Dumbwaiter elevator standard


Quick details:

Type: Dumbwaiter elevator

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name: DELFAR

Load: 50Kg~300Kg

Floor: 2F~40F


Delivery time: 30 days.

Warranty: 12 months since the date of delivery.

Payment terms: T/T

Drive Control System: VVVF

Machine room: With machine room/machine roomless

Company Introduction

Company Introduction:

DELFAR Elevator Co., Ltd. is a specialized elevator enterprise that designs, manufactures and processes the elevators and parts. The company is established in 2011, with excellent technology advantage and incorporating the elevator manufacturing techniques, we can design and produce various types of elevator product which can satisfy customer’s diversified requirements, our product includes 9 series which are Passenger elevator, Observation elevator, Bed elevator, Freight elevator, Car elevator, Dumbwaiter, Home elevator, Escalator, Moving walk. In order to satisfy the requirements from different areas, users and levels, the company has established one-continuous-line of effective work system such as the elevator design, manufacture, installation, transformation, repair and maintenance etc. From design to manufacture, from installation to maintenance, we endeavor to satisfy the clients’ individual requirements.

Factory Introduction:

Company Certificate:

Packaging and transportation

Packaging and transportation:

Use strong exporting plywood cases, suitable for long distance transportation and well protected against dampness, moisture, shock and rust.