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China Stretcher Elevator

China Stretcher Elevator

Stretcher elevators typically have large cabin, medical beds, and accompanying medical staff.
Stretcher elevators feature a low-rise entry ramp to facilitate smooth entry and exit of stretchers without the need for lifting.
Stretcher elevators are equipped with emergency stop buttons and alarms to ensure immediate response in case of emergencies or medical emergencies.
Delfar China stretcher elevator is equipped with features and specifications tailored to the unique requirements of medical transportation, ensuring safe and efficient movement of patients between different floors.

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Series of Stretcher Elevator

The elevator cabin is designed to accommodate stretchers and medical beds comfortably, providing ample space for patients and medical staff. Stretcher elevators are equipped with wide doors to facilitate easy entry and exit of stretchers, wheelchairs, and medical equipment. The China stretcher elevator is engineered for smooth and quiet operation, minimizing discomfort and disturbance to patients during transportation.