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Delfar Elevator is a specialized elevator manufacturer.

Your Professional Criss Cross Escalator Manufacturer in China

Innovative design, safe, efficient, and stable operation. As your professional criss cross escalator manufacturer in China, Delfar provides you with high-quality criss cross escalators. Our criss cross escalator integrates science, humanity, green, and innovative design to create an intelligent, economic and environmentally friendly criss cross escalator. We can ensure to provide you with quality-guaranteed criss cross escalators. Our escalators can be used in any large-scale shopping malls and other public places.
In addition, delfar also provides customized step type escalator services, surveying and designing according to the actual situation of the building. If you are now looking for the best step type escalator for your building, please contact us immediately, we are very willing to provide you with a solution.
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Provide One-Stop Service for Your Criss Cross Escalators

In order to meet the needs of different customers and market demands, we provide you with a one-stop cross escalator solution to save your precious time and cost. You can browse the following escalator products, or contact us for customization
We not only provide you with a variety of cross escalators, we also provide you with airport escalators, shopping mall escalators, subway escalators, parallel escalators, etc.