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Delfar Elevator is a specialized elevator manufacturer.
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Professional Passenger Elevator Manufacturer from China

Delfar is your best passenger elevator manufacturer in China.
We mainly produce SMR passenger elevator and MRL passenger elevator.
We will ensure the safety, stability, and energy saving of the passenger elevator, and on this basis, provide customers with beautiful passenger elevator car decoration.
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Delfar Passenger Elevator:Excellent Product Performance

Delfar's passenger elevator has attracted customers from all over the world with its excellent product performance.
Intelligent control​​​​​​​
Intelligent control​​​​​​​
As a passenger elevator manufacturer, we have introduced a military-grade dual 32-bit master control system platform to increase the safety of the system. Therefore, passengers can travel  comfortably.

Green motives energy-saving
As a manufacturer of passenger elevators, we will adopt a new generation of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machines made of rare earth materials to reduce operating costs

Top safety guarantee
As a passenger elevator manufacturer, we apply the advanced VVVF variable voltage and frequency conversion control technology elevator door machine system to increase the sensitivity of the elevator door switch and ensure the safety.