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Car Elevator Cost | Guidance Guide

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Presently, the car elevator is one of the best technology which creates space and moves cars easily from one floor to another floor. Car elevators always offer safe car travel. Many car parking lots nowadays prefer car elevators to move the car safely from one floor to another floor. There are several countries where car lift is using for commercial and residential purposes. The cost of such a car parking lot is always high but once you build it, you will get many benefits. For modern urban development, a car lift is one of the important investments. It has many benefits and it helps to save space for your car. It also offers design flexibility for making architects and planners as well. Once you will choose ultra-design and modern features within a car parking cabin, you will get a more innovative design and touchy luxury look and it will also increase the property value.

You can build a car elevator at your parking lot or commercial areas as well. For residential car lifts,car elevator costs will be minimum than commercial. It depends on the space and type of car elevator you will choose for your car. If you need a car elevator for 1-2 cars, then you need to invest a reasonable amount but if you need a large car lift for large parking areas, then you have to invest a huge amount.

How much does a car elevator cost?

Car elevator is a luxury service and it also includes many benefits. If you want to install a car elevator then you have to invest a huge amount for this purpose. If you want to know the exact amount, then you have to ask for the price quote. Based on the space, requirement, type of elevator you need for your car, we will make a decision. The cost of the car elevator depends on many factors. You have to consider some points before you calculate the price. First, you need to know about the types of car elevators you want to install! You have to know weight capacity, space capacity, and body type! Whether you need a glass body or metal body cabin for a car lift. Before select, any company always check how much does a car elevator cost!

A typical installation costs between $25,000 and $65,000. The price depends on the size of the system (there are small models that fit into a single room), the type of construction material used (steel or concrete), and whether features such as safety sensors or water tanks are included. There is also an additional fee for property access.

Recommended car elevator:

Painted Steel with Barrier MRL Car Elevator

Painted Steel with Barrier MRL Car Elevator

Price:$11,000.00 - $13,000.00

5000KG 0.5m/s Speed SMR/MRL Car Elevator

5000KG 0.5m/s Speed SMR/MRL Car Elevator

Price:$11,000.00 - $13,000.00

Car Elevator with Stainless Steel Decoration

Car Elevator with Stainless Steel Decoration

Price:$11,000.00 - $13,000.00

learn more

Factors affecting the cost of car elevators:

Load capacity:

This is one of the important points. Load plays an important role in car elevators. Every car has some different load or weight and to carry a car, an elevator requires a solid body with proper properties. There are different types of car elevators available in the market. You can move the single car or double car together. You can up a single car and below the car, you can keep another car. This type of car parking or car lift is popular for residential areas. Now, there is some commercial space where constant car lifts will up and down to move a car from one floor to another floor. You have to decide the weight capacity of your car lift because it’s very important. For commercial, there is standard weight measures required, but for residential as per your car weight, you have to ask for the quotation. 

Have you been looking for an elevator that can handle heavy loads and large spaces?

If so, then this 3000-5000Kg SMR/MRL car elevator may be the perfect option for you.This elevator uses advanced freight elevator technology to load and unload automobiles in vertical spaces. It also features flexible parking options so users can easily use it whenever they need to. Plus, its convenient use makes it easy for businesses to get their cars loaded or unloaded quickly and without hassles. So if you're looking for an effective way to free up your space or load vehicles onto trucks quickly, this is definitely the elevator for you!Ask us for a quote today!

3000-5000Kg SMR/MRL Car Elevator

Floor number:

This is another very important point. Whether you need a car lift for two stories or multiple stores and the height of the car elevator. For residential property, it’s always more demand for two stories car parking areas but for commercial you can choose any floor up to 6 floors as well! Check any type of car elevator as per your need and requirement.  Based on the size and capacity of the elevator, you will be able to choose any type of car elevator as per your need. If you are looking for the best car elevator installer and manufacturer then you may contact us. We are one of the best companies who offer superior quality and professional car elevators with ultra-modern design and stylish features. 

Size of space:

Car elevator is always required size. There are different types of car elevator designs you may choose. We have experienced designers who will design their car elevator in a way so that it will never create an accident and maintenance of such car elevator is always easy. First, you need to analyze the size of the car elevator. If you don’t have much idea about the space, then contact us we will check your free space for a car elevator and explain to you what type of car elevator will be perfect for you. The size will always matter and you have to think about the size twice always. Suppose if you have now a small car, in the future you may have a big car, so always choose a standard size for car elevator.

Large Space & Load Automobile Car Elevator with Opposite Doors

Do you need a high-capacity car elevator?

Large Space & Load Automobile Car Elevator is the best solution for large spaces and heavy loads. We offer affordable and reliable this car elevators that can help you move large items with ease. Contact us today to get a quote, or visit our website to learn more about our product.


The material of the elevator also plays an important role. You have to choose the best quality material for the elevator. For a car lift, a jack is a mechanical lifting device that needs to apply great forces to carry heavy loads. A mechanical jack employs a screw thread for lifting heavy equipment. For hydraulic power, a hydraulic jack mainly uses for car lifts. There is some common jack available like garage jack, car jack vehicle jack which helps to maintain properly. This helps to offer superior quality performance. You have to choose always the best quality material all the time because once you install the best quality material it will last a long. 


Brand or company is always playing an important role. The superior quality brand always offers the best quality services. If you will choose a top brand for car elevators you will get a good result. Once you will install the best quality car elevator it will run long. You just need to maintain properly within time. A reputed company always offers you the best advance features and services. 

Car elevator is trendy and for prime areas and localities where space is less, car parking elevator plays an important role. Not only commercial but residential parking is also in high demand and it becomes more and more popular. There are lots of people who just transfer their home from rural to urban areas and here space is very limited. For residential parking, the car elevator plays an important role. Using a car elevator you can up and down a car easily whenever you need it, if you have more than one car and you have very limited space in your residential area, just install a car installer lift and keep two cars within a small space within the lift.

Delfar is a leading car elevator manufacturer in China, specializing in elevator production for nearly 20 years. We are located in China's elevator production baseband center, which makes us the perfect choice for your needs if you're looking for high-quality car elevators at an affordable price. Our elevators are known for their durability and performance, and we can provide you with everything from custom designs to finished products.

Project conditions:

Different elevator companies have different types of project conditions. You have to ask for the quote and check the budget. Once you select a company, you also need to check their budget details and then proceed. Project condition is another important part. You have to check proper project conditions and then need to follow that to get the best service. As per project Conditions Company and you both will cooperate during the project and it helps. There are different types of car elevators available in the market and you may choose any type of car elevator as per your need. If you want to move the car along with a small passenger, you can install a cabin type of car elevator. If you want to up and down the only car, then you can choose car elevator lift only.

Project conditions of car elevator

Drive System:

This is another important point and this point you need to analyze properly. Once you will install a car elevator, you will get several benefits. You can up and down any load car easily. You can able to load up to 3 tons load instantly You can create a large cage area or cabin area so that any type of designing car model easily load within the elevator. The cage of the car elevator is always best because it is only designed to carry a car. A car lift is one type of elevator which holds the car and you can up and down whenever need and you can use very small space for one car or even for two cars as well. It requires very little space and using an electrical button and powerful metal body your car can up and down using an elevator. Choose the best deal online and then proceed. You can contact us as well.


If you are looking for the best car elevator, then you can consider from the aspects mentioned above and choose the car elevator that suits you. You can choose any type of elevator, shape and size. You can tell them your needs, and they will provide car elevators that meet the requirements and provide corresponding elevator services as needed. A suitable car elevator is very important to you, you must choose carefully.


1.What are the different types of car elevators?

There are a few different types of car elevators, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Here are the most common types:

1. Hydraulic car elevators - These are the most popular type of car elevator, and they use hydraulic pressure to move cars up or down. They are reliable and relatively easy to install, but they can be a bit expensive.

2. Electric car elevators - These elevators use electric motors to move cars up or down, and they are much more energy-efficient than hydraulic elevators. They also tend to be faster and easier to use, but they can be more expensive than hydraulic elevators.

3. Belt drive car elevators - These elevators use a belt drive system to move cars up or down, which is a more efficient way to move them than using hydraulic pressure or electric motors. They are also less likely to fail than other types of car elevators, but they tend to be more expensive than other types of car elevators.

2.Is there any difference between car elevator and car lift?

There is a big difference between car elevator and car lift - car elevator is a mechanical device that moves cars up and down, while car lift is a more advanced type of elevator that can be used in warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings. Car lifts are often more expensive to install and maintain than car elevators, but they can be much more efficient in terms of moving large numbers of items.

3.Can a car elevator save space?

Yes, car elevators are always able to create space. Within a small space, you will be able to keep your two cars very safely. Using hydraulic car elevators you will be able to keep your car safe. In a commercial area, people can able to safe their car and move easily from one floor to another floor. Car lifts can be up and down so they can create more space easily. This helps to utilize space and within a very small area you can keep up and down car very simply using car lifts. Choose any type of car lift from us now!

4.What is the load rating of the car elevator?

Car elevator always has a good load rating. It offers several benefits. You have to choose the best quality car elevator as per your need and requirement. If you will create a car elevator you will get many benefits. First, it will protect your car from any weather damage. During a storm, heavy rain, or snow, cars become affected if you keep them in the open parking area. But if you will keep your car within the elevator, it will protect your car from a different natural disaster. If you will choose the car elevator, it will provide several benefits. 

5.Are car elevators safe?

If you will choose a reputed company for car elevator then it will offer the best quality safety all the time. Reputed car Elevator Company always think about the safety and security as well. Whenever they will design a car lift area based on your need, they will also check elevator design, and safety features and once you approve then they will proceed. Find the best or reputed company like us who will offer a secure car lifting process. Safety is always important here because the car is an expensive asset as well. Choose the best deal now! Before selection, any company always asks for the car elevator price details.

6.What’s the speed of a car elevator?

A car elevator typically travels at a slower speed than full passenger elevators. The speed can range from anywhere between 15 fpm to 120 fpm, depending on the specific needs of the customer. There is no restriction by code as to how fast or how slow a Car Elevator should go. We can match the requirement of the customer with respect to the speed.

7.What is the difference between an automobile elevator and a freight elevator?

An Automobile Elevator is a type of Freight Elevator with a specific loading class (Class B Loading). Class BLoading means that the elevator can handle up to 2,000 pounds per square foot of load. This makes it ideal for transporting vehicles and other heavy objects up and down high-rise buildings.