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Professional Capsule Lift Manufacturer from China

Delfar is a professional capsule lift manufacturer from China.
Delfar capsule lift adds modernity to customers' buildings with beautiful design and extraordinary visual enjoyment.
Delfar will provide you with high-quality capsule lift style and design, and guarantee the safety performance and use performance of the elevator.
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Professional Capsule Lift Manufacturer from China

With the leading manufacturing technology of capsule lifts, Delfar can provide you with high-quality capsule lifts.

  • Modern-aesthetic-experience

    Modern aesthetic experience
    Exquisite model outline and car decoration
    Excellent space creation
    Good visual experience
  • Excellent-elevator-performance

    Excellent elevator performance
    Low noise
    Fast and smooth operation
    Humanized experience​​​​​​​
  • Leading-elevator-technology

    Leading elevator technology
    Infrared light curtain technology
    Anti-pinch protection system
    Elevator overspeed protection system
    Emergency packing device
  • Energy-saving-and-environmental-protection

    Energy saving and environmental protection
    Permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine
    Low-carbon environmental protection materials